We create value: with our clients, partners, and staff. e&Co. follows an implementation-orientated philosophy to management consultancy with a clear focus on tailored approaches to change situations. Our mission is to get the strongest possible traction for you and your company.




    Active change processes from kick-off through to the final whistle: we provide traction to move forward.


    We listen, understand, and adapt to each new client situation on its own merits – and work on it in that spirit.


    We are independent entrepreneurs – and we don’t leave our perspective at the door.


    e&Co. is wholly staff-owned, meaning that we make our own decisions and shape our own business.


    As close companion and long-term partner for both our clients and our staff, we help to push development and increase value.




A visionary, a pioneer, and a radical maker: Dr. Engelbert Wimmer has 20 years’ experience as a business consultant, primarily in the car industry. His expertise in organisational development, change management, sourcing, product development, sales & distribution, and globalisation in R&D mean that he is greatly in demand among companies in transition. He is a recognised authority on the deep-running differences between European and Asian carmakers and their supply networks, and his regular publications and lectures underline his role as a thought-leader.




This graduate of mathematics is a charismatic genius when it comes to figures and a technical mastermind. With over 20 years of experience in leading development projects and advising businesses, mainly in Automotive, Hanns Peter Becker is in demand as a consultant in managing development, optimising development processes, designing R&D organisations, and the new areas of automotive electronics – from electro-mobility to driverless vehicles. A range of certifications and qualifications, as well as exciting trade publications, are testament to his broad experience.



Our clients include entrepreneurs facing big challenges and ambitious goals, some of whom are global industry giants, while many are small-to-medium-sized or family-run companies. What unites them is their intention to change the status quo and secure lasting value-adds. 

I got e&Co.'s expert staff on board to help me drive a project for lasting transformation at Gaudlitz. Right from the start, I was delighted with the team: their ability not only to think bold, but to then implement their ideas, added quantifiable value to the strategic and operative re-orientation of the business. The company is now back on the path to growth and there has been a tangible and very positive change in culture.

Niels Roelofsen • Gaudlitz GmbH

The consultants from e&Co. AG are not afraid to break taboos in project situations, that are frequently highly politicised. Besides excellent industry knowledge and technical expertise, I was impressed with several other competencies such as a strong focus on implementation, the ability to stay down-to-earth, and a highly personable approach to working together. Our expectations were fulfilled in every respect. Following the performance audit, I look forward to continuing strategic support in complex restructuring projects within my area of responsibility.

Arno Kalmbach • Volkswagen

e&Co. is our preferred partner of choice, as we can rely on their automotive expertise and deep understanding of the market. Furthermore, we have experienced e&Co. to be an unbelievably networked company.

Dong Sauk Park • Hyundai CV

e&Co. has been tremendously helpful to us, transferring their extensive technology know-how from Automotive to our business of jet engine manufacture. We count on them as well-trusted advisor for our upcoming challenges within the Aviation sector, both in the US and in Europe.

Menelik Solomon • GE Honda Aero Engines

The e&Co. consultants excel in their sound and broad approach to the issues involved. They have produced an outstanding end-to-end cloud concept and are now helping us to master the most important challenges in implementing it within a complex project environment.

Wolfgang Wintermeyer • Head of Provider Management Lufthansa Systems

In a very important development project for autonomous driving, e&Co. made a decisive contribution to our success. This is not only due to the outstanding expertise of the consultants, but above all due to their passionate involvement and absolute commitment throughout the entire project. They have always thought and acted as if it would be their own company – and thus ensured a great deal of implementation drive and high motivation in the team.

Marc Bolitho • Senior VP Electronics Engineering ZF

In the development of future-oriented mobility services, the consultants of e&Co. attracted my attention in a particularly positive way: Their impact on projects and the management of the respective activities exceeded our expectations. The consultants of e&Co. did a better job than their market companions within the scope of our project and especially in the operative implementation, with clear efficiency.

Dominic Gaspary • Product Owner @Volkswagen