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Heading to a party with business strategists this Christmas? Make sure to swap your shoes and tie for trainers and t-shirts – and watch out, because the bar is guaranteed be serving a potent cocktail of tempting digitisation delights. It’s easy to get roaring drunk on a mixture of AI, big data war rooms, incubators stuffed to the gunnels with achingly trendy “superheroes” and, and, and … I’ll try one of those and then one of those, and, ooh, that looks great too. Who cares about tomorrow? What do you mean “R-o-I”…? Hang on, what’s that? Another round of high-proof digitisation potions on the house? Yes, please!

And why not? Weren’t we trying to get to know our digital users? And where better to do that than over a couple of digitisation cocktails, right? Actually, that wasn’t quite how it was supposed to be, and it isn’t just the party-poopers from the internal auditing office who can see the horrible hangover approaching. And when it hits, they aren’t the only ones doing their best to blow away the cob-webs with barbed comments in the direction of those who were somewhat overenthusiastic. Yet the bottom line is that we sorely need digitisation. The crucial outcome, though, is the benefit to the customer. Always. And even if the song has gotten so much airplay you want to switch off whenever you hear it: “It is still day one” by Jeff Bezos (founder and CEO of Amazon) is still the hit this festive season.
WHITE PAPER: The transformation in procurement: have you started purchasing in full bright colour yet, or are you still working in black and white?



Even if it feels like we’re in the grips of a “digital hangover” (see above), digitisation does indeed change everything – above all, the basis on which companies currently operate. They therefore need a strong grasp of the key shifts now more than ever in order to able to change course and position themselves for success in the rough seas of digitisation. In this white paper, we examine how this affects procurement organisations – and how they need to respond by switching from greyscale to a full spectrum of colour. The journey is from being “the department that places orders” to being “the department that creates value”. Author: Dr. Engelbert Wimmer

„The next big thing": e&Co. is the official partner of the 28th EBS Symposium.



Tradition meets innovation: This year, for the second time running, e&Co. was the official partner for the EBS Symposium, titled “The next big thing” – a fitting motto for us as change specialists. Now in its 28th year, this conference at the renowned EBS Business School brings graduates and undergraduates from Europe’s top universities together with an impressive line-up of economics and business grandees, top-flight management executives, and a range of personalities from politics and society. During the three-day event, a range of lectures and workshops are held in which current business issues are discussed, ideas are aired, and innovative scenarios are created. The official EBS Symposium Aftermovie shows some of the real highlights of the event: why not take a look?

e&Co. hosts start-up pitch event for entrepreneurs and investors.



Together with Innopolis, a charitable organisation bringing together institutions from the worlds of business and science, the Seoul-based subsidiary of e&Co. AG, e&Co. Ltd, helped to stage this year’s Start-up Pitch Days in South Korea. On 25th and 26th October, visionary teams and young entrepreneurs in the capital Seoul and the Jeonuk region had the opportunity to present their ideas and business plans to the event’s audience. As well as a range of local start-ups, the event was also attended by investors, government representatives, and venture capital companies from countries as diverse as Austria, Malaysia, Singapore, and China (e.g. Venionaire Capital, POSCO Technology Investment, Yuanta Investment, K&T Investment Partners und JX Partners). Geza Brugger, co-founder and head of investments and venture capital at e&Co. AG in Germany, delivered a key-note speech in which he took the assembled attendees on a journey through the European start-up and venture capital scene, offering exciting insights into the German tech eco-system, investments, and market trends, as well as entry strategies. Following his speech, he was then joined by Min Ho Park, managing director of the e&Co. South Korean subsidiary, to evaluate the ideas of entrepreneurs taking part in the start-up speed-pitching event (15 minutes per pitch), offering valuable feedback on capital requirements, business potential, and international scaling prospects.

e&Co. AG focusses on management consultancy in complex change situations. Working to our maxim of "enabling value", we offer tailor-made solutions to a range of strategic, organisational, and operational challenges. The key to success is our team of entrepreneurial personalities and their charisma, passion, and courage. Our clients include entrepreneurs facing big challenges and ambitious goals, some of whom are global industry giants, while many are small-to-medium-sized or family-run companies. What unites them is their intention to change the status quo and secure lasting value-adds. e&Co. has positioned itself successfully in the market. We have several offices in Europe and one Asian dependance in Seoul, South Korea. ENABLING VALUE.
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