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Anyone who offers their clients advice on change management must lead by example, so it will come as no surprise that at e&Co., we too work on the principle of continuous change. As such, in recent months, we have been refining and expanding our areas of engagement, our positioning on the market, and our service portfolio – with our guiding principle of "enabling value" acting as our compass.

But what does that mean for you? First off, our consultancy services are now even more closely tailored to the core challenges facing your business. We call our newly-defined approach the four e’s as a response to four typical situations: eMERGENCY, eFFICIENCY, eXPANSION, and eXPERT. If you want to find out more about what is behind this concept and the benefits it can bring you, just refer to our re-worked website for a wealth of detail.


The second important point is that personality matters. As the old adage goes, you can’t advise the company, only the people in it – and our personal rapport with our clients is what marks us out. We see ourselves as a companion and long-term development partner; this creates a layer of profound trust which, in turn, is the foundation for lasting consultancy relationships. The defining element in this approach is our team of implementation-orientated entrepreneurial personalities: they embody our values and, in so doing, are what makes e&Co. truly unique. Accordingly, they have been given a more central position on our newly relaunched website.

Thirdly, we have distilled our business model into three value-creating core elements: consulting, staffing, and investing. Our vision is for e&Co. to be a consultancy and innovation hub for knowledge, talent, and entrepreneurial spirit. In addition to our South Korea office and the successful positioning of our skill-fisher recruitment venture launched at the beginning of the year, we have recently taken a stake in a tech start-up called Autobahn (find out more here and in the news section below). We will be placing even more emphasis on these entrepreneurial activities in future.

We are looking forward to helping you take your next steps – and to seeing you again in person.

Best regards,

Your e&Co. team


Dr.Engelbert Wimmer


 Dr. Engelbert Wimmer on 

 blockchain technology         

If you’re talking about the future of the digital economy, there’s currently no avoiding blockchain technology. But: is it a real disruptive force or just another ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ buzzword?
We are as enthusiastic about the "shared ledger" principle behind blockchains as anyone and are of the opinion that it has considerable potential in the financial industry and beyond. It will almost certainly bring disruption to centralised platform concepts and wreak havoc with intermediary business models. How? Quite simply, contracts of all kinds can be concluded between market participants – independently of regulatory (and profit-drawing) middlemen. Nevertheless, as a technology, blockchain has two limitations. Firstly, its appetite for energy is absolutely unprecedented: by 2020, blockchains are set to be using more power than the whole of Denmark. Secondly, the available capacity is, at the moment, far too low for the technology to be a serious market force: blockchains can only handle a few transactions per second, and each of them can take minutes to be carried out because every single transaction lengthens the chain, increasing its need for bandwidth and computing resources. My conclusion: A variety of fiendish problems will need to be solved before blockchains become widespread, so their numerous acolytes should take a reality check every now and then.
WHITE PAPER: Sprinting against the waterfall, or: How to revolutionise your organisation with agile working.



What are the crucial prerequisites for and decisive factors in transforming a traditional organisation into one which works and acts in an agile way? There is no shortage of training courses or literature on the subject, but in this hands-on white paper, e&Co. aims to give you an overview of how to navigate your organisation through the choppy waters of today’s agile environment, whether you are looking to develop new digital products, make your project management more responsive, or apply a dynamic change process in your organisation as a whole. Authors: Jan-Philipp Jost and Marius Dantl.

STRATEGIC INVESTMENT: e&Co. takes a stake
in start-up Autobahn, the revolution in automotive sales.



In addition to its management consultancy activities, e&Co. is a passionate entrepreneurial supporter of innovative ideas, new technologies, and future-oriented business models – a fact underlined once again by its recent strategic partnership with "Autobahn". Founded in Tallinn in 2012 by two former Skype employees and several automotive experts, the aim of this tech startup is to revolutionise automobile sales as they undergo digital transformation. Since 2016, their innovative platform has been in use with several well-known automotive brands, networking dealers and car-buyers seamlessly and in real-time.

IT SOURCING 2017 – PURCHASING MEETS IT: e&Co. is the sponsor at the BME conference on 11th and 12th September in Hamburg.

This year’s BME conference (Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft – Association of Supply Chain Management) is focussing on how to implement new digital business models successfully. In order for the transformation to work, IT and purchasing have to be working in concert. The focus of this expert conference is on new technologies, project management methods, and how to adapt processes and structures in the way required. e&Co. will be holding a round-table discussion on 11/09 titled "Purchasing in the digital value economy: forward-sourcing using strategic and tactical partnerships".

SIX NEW FACES: Susann Grune, Alexandra-Maria Rattay, Tim Fröhle, Max Neumann, Alexandra Goretzki and Katharina Diestel join the e&Co. Team.

If there’s one thing e&Co. doesn’t stop doing, it’s growing; so we’re delighted to welcome six new members of staff to the e&Co. family. Strategy consultant Susann Grune brings a specialisation on the Chinese market honed during her previous stint as an academic assistant to the Chinese business and economics professorship at the University of Würzburg, where she was in charge of teaching, research, consultancy, and public relations. Alexandra-Maria Rattay has an academic background in logistics and business development, with a focus on management and entrepreneurship – an area of expertise which fits very well indeed with our entrepreneurial consultancy team. In IT sourcing advisory, Tim Fröhle will be continuing his extensive track record in IT consultancy and risk management with us as he supports our clients in their digitisation projects. Meanwhile, fresh from his master’s degree in management at the EBS University of Business and Law and a supplementary master of law programme in corporate restructuring at the University of Heidelberg, Max Neumann will be joining us to build on the first steps he has made into management consulting. Last but not least, Alexandra Goretzki and Katharina Diestel will be joining the back office. We are greatly looking forward to working with all of the new additions to our team!

e&Co. AG focusses on management consultancy in complex change situations. Working to our maxim of "enabling value", we offer tailor-made solutions to a range of strategic, organisational, and operational challenges. The key to success is our team of entrepreneurial personalities and their charisma, passion, and courage. Our clients include entrepreneurs facing big challenges and ambitious goals, some of whom are global industry giants, while many are small-to-medium-sized or family-run companies. What unites them is their intention to change the status quo and secure lasting value-adds. e&Co. has positioned itself successfully in the market. We have several offices in Europe and one Asian dependance in Seoul, South Korea. ENABLING VALUE.
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