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You can feel it, you read about it, and you see it in your own company: times are changing faster than ever. Digitisation, electric transportation, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, autonomous driving, blockchain … the list goes on. Each technological innovation accelerates the next, revolutionising customer expectations and creating entirely new business models. For the leading automotive suppliers, too, this represents a challenge of epochal proportions – one we take a gripping look at in our latest White Paper.

In order to think even further ahead and to make sure that we are developing truly innovative concepts for the future, in recent months, we have dived headlong into pulsating hubs of the global entrepreneurial scene, talking to start-ups, universities and venture capitalists as we sketched out predictions of how industry is set to change in the coming decades.

As part of this initiative, we spent several weeks in early November in Silicon Valley meeting the vibrant teams behind start-ups, established tech companies, and multipliers of all kinds – and allowing ourselves to be inspired by the cluster’s unique atmosphere of digital transformation. In this way, e&Co. CEO Dr. Engelbert Wimmer is acting entirely in line with our company philosophy: examining what is behind new developments in detail; not relying on second-hand information, but gaining first-hand experience. Why? Because this is the only way we can continue to offer you first-rate consultancy.

We don’t like to keep what we learn to ourselves – quite to the contrary, we will be publishing our insights as a new book with the working title “The Transition from the Industrial Society to the Digital Value Economy – and how companies can make sure they don’t get left behind” in early 2017.

In parallel – and for similar reasons – we were in South Korea, too. The highlights included a conference for entrepreneurs at the Gwangju Creative Economy Centre (the largest of the six South Korean national innovation centres); as well as benefiting from interesting exchanges with up-and-coming start-ups, we had the opportunity to deliver a talk on the German car industry and the country’s Mittelstand companies. Another highpoint was an event for start-ups and investors, which we co-sponsored at the research and development centre of Jeonju Univeristy, one of South Korea’s top universities (and nicknamed “the place for superstars”). It is with no small degree of pride that we are now starting to see the results of our early entry into the Asian market.

In addition, we were official sponsors at a 24-hour hackathon on the topic of artificial intelligence (especially in the areas of transport, health, and big data) organised by ESCP Europe, the world’s oldest business school, and our strategic partner Heuro Labs, a fast-growing start-up in the AI sector. As a member of the expert jury, Dr. Engelbert Wimmer’s responsibilities included selecting the winning teams.

So, these are exciting times indeed – and we intend to shape them actively. Expect 2017 to be marked by decisions about how to work with major changes – and expect us to be on hand to support you in making the right calls.

Best regards and an inspiring run-up to Christmas,

Hanns Peter Becker & Dr. Engelbert Wimmer

e&Co. AG Executive Board

WHITE PAPER: "Supplier Inside" – Will European suppliers be left behind as the automotive megatrends race speeds up?



Self-driving cars, V2X communication, and electric vehicles stand to revolutionise the value creation chains currently in place, while new entrants such as Google, Apple, and Tesla throng into the industry; meanwhile, multi-modal transport and mobile online services will reshape consumer behaviour entirely. Will the European automotive suppliers will be able to continue their track record of innovation – and where and how they fit into this Brave New World? Author: Hanns Peter Becker.

Successful expansion in Munich: e&Co. becomes an expert member of the Munich IT business round table (MUK IT).



Since October, we have been an official expert member of the Munich IT business round table in the area of digital transformation. Conceived as an exclusive platform for high-intensity, non-stop exchange of information and experience between top-level managers from the IT and high-tech sectors, MUK IT was set up around 15 years ago. It has since grown to include over 700 big-name businesspeople, who use this podium to develop knowledge, integrate experience, and encourage growth in the sector in Munich; IT entrepreneurs young and old, representatives from academia, and various experts also gather in MUK IT for informal talks on the most pressing IT issues of our day, swapping specific know-how and examining future innovation prospects.

New services to respond to digitisation: strategies for IT companies; IT cost engineering and best-fit sourcing for CIOs.



System integrators and traders, IT retail companies, and classic software manufacturers will all have to make radical changes to their business models. In the medium term, the only IT companies who survive will be the ones which successfully complete digitised transition and innovation processes and manage to set up new value-creating networks. Internal IT departments within companies, too, are facing drastic challenges as they are forced to cut costs while at the same time needing to invest in new technology in order to remain competitive. We have developed strategies for success for both types of organisation: contact our expert Manfred Siegl for more information.

e&Co. as official partner of 27th EBS Symposium: “Necessity, the mother of invention. Who will design our future?”



With over 1,000 participants from the economy, society, and politics, the EBS Symposium is an innovative platform for exchange between top-flight students from the EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht, high-achievers from other universities and business schools, and international companies. Now in its 27th year, this time round (21st-23rd September), e&Co. was official partner at the event, represented by Jan-Hendrik Thomas and Marius Dantl, who were able to immerse themselves in the pulsating activity of this high-calibre event: inspirational talks delivered by over 40 top-drawer speakers, fascinating workshops and presentations, and lively discussions about digitisation, finance & banking, leadership, and the new Europe. From our point of view, the event was a resounding success – not least in helping us to expand our network and to further our continuing search for the best talent in the market. Watch the official EBS video to gain an excellent impression of how uniquely inspiring this event was.

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