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APRIL 2016

Dear Sir or Madam,

More than ever, industry is being buffeted by the storm of creative destruction; digitisation has shaken it to the foundations as revolutionary technologies flood the market, establishing new, disruptive business models overnight and transforming customer expectations. Currently, Automotive is feeling the effects of this paradigm shift more than most.

What is crucial in dealing with this unavoidable digital transformation is a consistent customer focus across each and every field of activity: increasingly, mobility is becoming an integrated service, not a static product. The challenge is to replace product versions with genuine flexibility, to interact with customers in real time based on predictions of their needs rather than spamming them, and to shift the focus from comfort onto convenience. In addition to this, a range of new rules and waves of change are sweeping over management and corporate cultures. We describe this transformation as the beginning of a whole new economic era: the digital value economy.

In addition to our booth and series of lectures at this year's CeBIT, we have been examining this topic in detail as part of our most recent client projects, as well as in our own research initiative. We're looking forward to publishing the results in "THE TRANSITION GAME – Mobility in the Digital Value Economy". You might have noticed a change in the title since we first announced this project in the previous Value Letter, but we're sure you will find the results as surprising and as fascinating nonetheless.

With all this talk of transformations and revolutions, it's easy to forget that not everything from the twentieth century has suddenly come to a grinding halt. Many parts of the "old world", however, will have to adapt to the new circumstances: as such, we've taken a look at how the role that the unique German employee representation model plays in restructuring projects is changing.

We hope you enjoy this white paper – and the rest of this VALUE LETTER.

Best regards,

Dr. Engelbert Wimmer & Hanns Peter Becker

e&Co. AG Board

Restructuring organisations with strong employee representation: How German works councils are becoming constructive partners.



When it comes to restructuring, German works councils are increasingly showing themselves to be agile and proactive partners for employers. While union-based cultures in other jurisdictions frequently lead to confrontation, the German system of co-determination often creates a broad consensus between employers and those they employee. Management can foster this constructive, consensus-orientated attitude by involving employee organisations early on and as genuine partners. Learn more about how German businesses and management are harnessing these positive developments. Author: Geza Brugger

e&Co. at CeBIT:



At this year's CeBIT (14th to 18th March), digital transformation was one of the key themes as the people shaping the digital future came together under the motto d!conomy: join – create – succeed. We too were a part of it, sharing a stand with our partners at NetTask; besides interesting ad hoc discussions, we also hosted a range of lectures on our chosen theme “Enabling the Digital Value Economy” delivered by our consultants: The Workplace of the Future by Roger Albrecht and Digitisation in Automotive by Dr. Engelbert Wimmer

Best-fit sourcing: results-orientated supplier management
We are your IT sourcing partner



We are constantly developing our range of consultancy services on sourcing topics and are increasing our staff in this area accordingly. Our experienced team of sourcing experts is on hand to create the tailor-made solutions suite to your company strategy. Find out everything you need to know about what we offer and our sourcing advisory team.

Expanding our consultancy services in Asia



Working from our East Asia Office, we have been able to increase our activities in the region over the past six months. Besides our exciting engagements in Korea, we were able to operate three more successful projects in Japan. In the research and development department of a large-scale volume manufacturer, we had the opportunity to work on core topics out of the digital automotive transformation – such as AI, self-driving systems, and innovation management. We are now scaling up the next round of thrilling projects. The photo you see here shows a few consultants of our team together with the former R&D board member of Honda.

e&Co. guest lecture at EBS – University for Business and Law



On 19th March, Dr. Engelbert Wimmer gave a guest lecture at the renowned EBS University for Business and Law in Oestrich-Winkel (near Frankfurt, Germany) as part of the master's course titled "Business Models: Design, Innovation and Adaptation" taught by Professor Kreutzer. Dr. Wimmer spoke on change in the automotive industry.

Welcome to e&Co.:
Elene Dyck and Dr. Constantin Montana are joining our team.



Economist Dr. Constantin Montana is an expert of standing in sourcing advisory and IT strategy with almost 10 years of consultancy experience, mainly advising DAX30 companies and German hidden champions. His work to date has given him a rich experience of working capital optimisation, supply chain management, and after-sales. On completing her degree in business studies, Elene Dyck started with us as a research analyst at the beginning of the year. We have delighted to have these two new members of our team on board!

e&Co. AG is the management consultancy for complex change situations and your partner in helping to create value. As independent consulting entrepreneurs we work with our clients and business partners on their key transition areas. Active change processes from kick-off through to the final whistle: we provide traction to move forward. Our clients include entrepreneurs facing big challenges and ambitious goals, some of whom are global industry giants, while many are small-to-medium-sized or family-run companies. What unites them is their intention to change the status quo and secure lasting value-adds. e&Co. has positioned itself successfully in the market. We have several offices in Europe and one Asian dependance in Seoul, South Korea. ENABLING VALUE.
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