Experience e&Co. almost live: Here you will experience a series of professional contributions and thoughts, exciting "Point of View" expert discussions and other videos around e&Co. Action! Below you will find – partly in addition – our collection of thought leadership publications.

The transformation of the procurement organisation.

Postheroic Leadership in the Digital Age.

Venturing @ e&Co.: Expert Talk with Philipp Baldauf (Founder of Butleroy).

Autonomous driving: Expert talk with Marcus Wilsdorf (Co-Founder and VP FDTech)

  • Hanns Peter Becker "Supplier Inside": the critical future of automotive suppliers.
  • Hanns Peter Becker Automotive Suppliers and agile Processes.
  • Dr. Engelbert Wimmer Competency Management in the Industry.
  • Dr. Susann Grune / Per Olof Beckemeier Cooperating with service providers in agile projects.
  • Geza Brugger / Berthold Baurek-Karlic Corporate Start-up Engagement in SME.
  • Dr. Constantin Montana / Tim Ehrich Digitised shared service centers: the next evolutionary step.
  • Max Neumann GDPR and its impact on digital transformation.
  • Dr. Engelbert Wimmer Leadership Transformation Cycles: the Haier Case.
  • Dr. Engelbert Wimmer Motoring the future: VW and Toyota Vying for Pole Position.
  • Mohamed Sayed Playbook: Artificial Intelligence for Business.
  • Dr. Engelbert Wimmer Procurement in the Digital Value Ecomomy.
  • Tim Ehrich / Kai H. Kuljurgis Relevance of the Internet of Things for small and medium sized-businesses in Germany.
  • Geza Brugger Restructuring organisations with strong employee representation.
  • Jan-Philipp Jost / Marius Dantl Sprinting against the Waterfall: agile working.
  • Dr. Engelbert Wimmer The In-Car-Nation Code
  • Roger Albrecht The Workplace of the Future: mobile and virtual?