Jan-Philipp Jost | Marius Dantl

Sprinting against the Waterfall: agile working.

A guide with practical reference for the agile transformation of your company.

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What are the crucial prerequisites for and decisive factors in transforming a traditional organisation into one which works and acts in an agile way? There is no shortage of training courses or literature on the subject, but in this white paper, e&Co. aims to give you an overview of the key challenges facing companies today – and of the opportunities and methods of overcoming them. Read on to find out how to navigate your organisation through the choppy waters of today’s agile environment, whether you are looking to develop new digital products, make your project management more responsive, or apply a dynamic change process in your organisation as a whole.

Our compact guideline for agile newcomers:
- Introduction: How agile working is gaining ground
- Compact guidelines: How you too can become agile.
- Agile transformation starts at the top – and must be communicated.
- Think customer – value is king.
- Use small, networked teams – get gigantic effects.
- Don’t restructure your organisation – revolutionise it!
- Think in two dimensions – dual-speed IT development.
Jan-Philipp Jost has over seven years’ experience working in and consulting to manufacturing and service industries, focussing on Automotive, Aerospace at both OEMs and suppliers. Extensive knowledge of developing digitisation strategies, reorganisation initiatives, project and performance audits, restructuring and benchmarking/analysing competitors.

Marius Dantl has more than six years of experience in manufacturing, on staff and then as a consultant, focussing on Automotive OEMs and suppliers. In-depth understanding of programme & project management, project governance, reorganisation/organisational design, HR growth, make-or-buy analyses, production strategies, digitisation strategies, and CRM