Mohamed Sayed

Playbook: Artificial Intelligence for Business.

A step-by-step guide to leveraging cognitive technologies.

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Sharing knowledge – contributions from our Experts Network: We as e&Co. are deeply involved into the entrepreneurial scene and startup ecosystem. We have been working together with Heuro Labs on different occasions and are very happy to share some valuable insights from our experts network. Thank you very much, Mohamed Sayed, for this White Paper contribution and for setting up the AI learning series.

Content: Artificial Intelligence has garnered significant attention at various levels in the past few years. As with any emerging technology trend, there is both hype and confusion. The last 30 years had shown that leveraging emerging technologies can provide a significant advantage in an increasingly complex, competitive world. This series aims to provide business leaders with clarity and inspiration on how to approach this jury-is-still-out phase in a trend I believe will undergo through some refinement before becoming an established standard. The series is organized in different parts:

Part I, this White Paper, provides a high level introduction to the technology, some of the terminology that are commonly used in the media or in product or service presentations. Part II will reflect the last 18 months, a period that the author believes can strengthen our intuition and foresight to building a sustainable AI strategy in the business environment. Finally, Part III will focus on use cases in specific domains. The series is biased and generally geared towards Mobility, including logistics, as well as manufacturing.
Mohamed Sayed has been working on software systems for more than 20 years. Mohamed Sayed has been working for companies like Symantec, Nokia and Yahoo!, he designed and implemented a wide variety of systems including embedded systems and multi-content distributed data processing systems spanning 1000’s of machines for 1+ billion users. He is the founder & CEO of Heuro Labs, a startup focused on research and development of cognitive systems based in Berlin.