Dr. Engelbert Wimmer

Apple ante Portas: how can Automotive incumbents defend their positions?

Tesla was just the ouverture: American Big Tech is preparing to launch its own attack on Automotive, Germany’s premier industry.

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The rumor mill surrounding Apple's car ambitions keeps providing us with bold design visions and imaginative tidbits about the secret "Titan" project. The tech player from Silicon Valley has remained silent about all of this for many years. What kind of fascinating car will it be? Who will produce it? When will it be launched on the market? One thing is clear: It will have to be at least as epochal and innovative as the iPhone was back then. And it will probably surprise established players again on various levels. In this White Paper, we have taken a closer look at some possible attack vectors:

- On choosing the right timing: Apple waited so long for a reason.
- On choosing the right methods: battery, HMI (user experience), content streams, safer than safe.
- On choosing the right partners: the Chinese dragon - and "Future on a chip".
- On defending the fortress: consciously playing to one's strengths.
Dr. Engelbert Wimmer is the founder of international management consultancy and investment company e&Co., whose Board of Management he chairs. He studied telematics at the University of Graz (Austria) and did a doctorate in philosophy at the University of Bremen (Germany). Since more than 20 years he is a consultant to multinational automotive manufacturers, currently focussing on digital, agile, and questions of organisational structure and leadership.