The 10 most important areas of action in digital change for Automotive Suppliers.

Small and medium-sized businesses – especially German automotive suppliers – are facing an increasingly dynamic, high-pressure environment: beside changing conditions in sales and production, new value creation chains, the increasing complexity and diversity of components and parts, more than anything else, the break-neck pace of technological change resulting from the digital transformation is throwing up major challenges for businesses in the uniquely structured sector of carmakers’ supply chains. Our consultant Alexander Dewald (MBA Management) has carried out academic research on this issue and, in cooperation with Prof. Thiessen (Head of Mittelstand 4.0 Agency consortium) and Jost de Jager (Member of the Advisory Board of IfW Global Economic Symposium), has identified 10 hands-on fields of action for shaping the digital future and published the recommendations as a white paper.

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Berlin 16.08.2018

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