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Many companies, especially in Europe, are currently planning to migrate their infrastructure resources into innovative Cloud solutions – and there are very good reasons for so doing. The advantages of the Cloud are self-evident: highly standardised on-demand solutions which can be scaled up, at any time and at insignificant cost. Whether large corporates or family-owned champions, organisations of all shapes and sizes can use the Cloud to help them break out of problematic outsourcing contracts or to start scaling back their own expensive data centres. What is more, new, innovative business models and services of the kind needed in today’s corporate environment – but so often hampered by inflexible outsourcing arrangements or internal IT departments – can be accelerated by Cloud solutions. “One thing we often come across in our client organisations is that IT talks a good game about public or private Cloud environments, but that – on closer inspection – all critical applications are still being run using proprietary computing resources or outsourcing providers. This is, simply put, an outmoded approach. We’ve developed a comprehensive end-to-end cloud delivery model that helps our customers to start transferring genuinely critical workloads into innovative Cloud environments.” (Tim Ehrich, e&Co. AG)

This kind of major change is not without a range of challenges, however, which are principally caused by the considerable alterations to internal structures, e.g. adapting traditional service management processes and organisations, modernising non-cloud-ready applications, and reviewing IT security and data protection. Our end-to-end Cloud delivery model covers all relevant and necessary aspects across the following five areas: virtual data centre layer, cloud operations, cloud governance, service management, and application cloud readiness. Our expert Tim Ehrich will be delighted to answer your questions about this topic: tim.ehrich@eandco.com

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Berlin 28.03.2018

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