New White Paper: the future of automotive suppliers in the course of mobility megatrends.

Our new White Paper by Hanns Peter Becker (CFO) deals with the provocative question of whether the European suppliers will lose their position within the megatrends race in the automotive industry. Autonomous driving, V2X communication and electric vehicles will change the value chain of the automotive industry to an unprecedented extent. New players, e.g. Google, Apple or Tesla push with high speed into the market. Multimodal mobility models and mobile online services have a massive impact on consumer behavior. What place will the so far innovative European suppliers conquer and assert in this Brave New World?

The existing strategies of the automotive supplier industry are at clear risk of being no longer successful in the new era. OEMs are increasingly expanding their dominant influence into the former domains of the suppliers, which will sooner or later erode their unique positioniong and will have a compelling effect on the profit margins. In our view, there are three options to address this risk strategically. In our White Paper, we will take a closer look.

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Saarburg 01.12.2016

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