New White Paper: "Relevance of the Internet of Things for small and medium sized-businesses."

Everyone’s talking about “Digitalisation”, “the Internet of Things”, and “Industry 4.0”. While some see unlimited potential and the Next Big Thing, others shake their heads, seeing little more than a massive hype – and thorny issues such as missing standards and data/security concerns. There is no shortage of research papers looking at the topic, but the majority are very theoretical in their approach and do not deal with a key element of the issue: a focus on German small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs, often called Mittelstand) and their role in these developments. For this purpose, our consultants Tim Ehrich and Kai Kuljurgis have published a provocative position paper in which they discuss these issues controversially and outline important practical recommendations for the affected industries.

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Saarburg 04.04.2017

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