New White Paper: Digitised shared service centers - the next evolutionary step.

Setting up and running shared service centres (SSCs) has been common practice among multinationals for more than 15 years now. In view of the purpose of SSCs – allowing companies to outsource simple tasks which are not part of the core business to low-cost locations abroad – it is no surprise that, during the planning phase, the focus is often on cost savings; as a result, the potential of SSCs as value creators is frequently passed over. Given the challenges posed by digitisation, however, in our view at e&Co., this potential should be a central concern: SCC planning must address both of current requirements and those which can be expected in the future, while existing facilities need to be adapted to the new digital environment. In order to ensure and enhance the competitiveness of SSCs going forward, e&Co. uses newly adapted models and strategies which are then tailored to the situation of each individual company.

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Saarburg 06.09.2016

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