New venture: headhunting boutique for radical digital talent.

Shark alarm! There’s a hungry great white on the loose combing the seas for the best of digital talent: this boutique head-hunting operation is called skill-fisher GmbH and is the latest venture by e&Co. AG. “Digitisation is about more than just the latest technologies and methods. New ways of thinking are far more important, and this is where organisations need truly top talent. Our aim is to find these digital rock stars and connect them with great companies so that they can innovate and create value going forward. It’s simple: no_bullshit / no_spam / just_talents,” says Kai H. Kuljurgis, CEO of the new company..

skill-fisher finds, coaches, and develops talents in every link of the value chain, with a clear focus on the interface between business and IT: digital leadership, data science, analytics & intelligence, product management & ownership, business architecture, and Design UX/UI.

Silicon Valley is not the be-all and end-all, and if we can create an alliance of the very best brains here, we’ll be able to hold our own. ‘Digital natives’ are different in the way they work, what they expect from employers, and how they communicate in corporate environments. The challenge is to really understand them and then integrate them into companies so that their explosive potential can be ignited. With our new venture, we aim to offer our clients a complete package: not just high-class talent, but on-the-job training, mentoring, and – above all – a network,” explains Dr. Engelbert Wimmer, CEO der e&Co. AG

Working to its motto of "enabling the digital value economy", the e&Co. management consultancy is passionate about new business ideas in digitisation, working to connect the pulsating energy of the tech start-up scene with established businesses – and offering real advantages to both. skill-fisher GmbH is the second start-up that e&Co. is supporting. 

> Visit the skill-fisher website
> Download the skill-fisher company presentation (PDF)

Vienna / Berlin 12.01.2017

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