Experts summit in South Korea on the future of the automotive industry: DIFA 2017.

Dr. Engelbert Wimmer as keynote speaker on the "Digital Value Economy" at the "DIFA – Daegu International Future Auto Expo 2017” (23rd-26th November). The South Korean metropolis of Daegu is home to numerous players from the automotive world and wants to become a "Future Vehicle Leading City" and a hub for the future automotive world. Mayor Young Jin Kwon invited around 100 Korean and international automotive experts to DIFA 2017, a four-day high-level congress focusing on the future of mobility – with topics such as autonomous driving, electrification, connected drive, as well as other technological trends and socio-political implications in the context of digital transformation. Attendees included Hyundai, Renault Samsung, LG Chem, Samsung SDI, NVIDIA, Microsoft, Bosch and HARMAN, among others. "The buyer is dead – long live the user. For a successful “Digital User Experience", a mobility service package must be offered. We call this "Face Value", which is the real added value in the face of the user. It's no longer the singular transaction, but a networked customer relationship in real time across the entire product lifecycle – with far-reaching consequences for the automotive sales process." (Dr. Engelbert Wimmer, CEO)

Daegu (South Korea) 07.12.2017

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