Expert Talk #4: Autonomous driving - in conversation with Marcus Wilsdorf from FDTech.

Far-out sci-fi or reality within reach? In our fourth Expert Talk video, we decided to cut to the chase and find out what the real status of autonomous driving is: join Hanns Peter Becker (Co-Founder of e&Co. , specialist for technical product development/car R&sD) and Marcus Wilsdorf (Co-Founder and VP of FDTech) for this exciting topic. Our close partner FDTech, is a technology start-up in which the Volkswagen Group has recently acquired a minority stake, which develops functions for automated driving, driver assistance, and mobility services, starting at concept stage and going through to series-ready integration in future transportation solutions. In their talk, Hanns Peter Becker and Marcus Wilsdorf draw a realistic picture of where we currently are and where developments in driverless vehicles are heading.

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Berlin 21.12.2018

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