Entrepreneurship Festival @ ESCP Europe: Artificial Intelligence Hackathon with e&Co.

Held conjointly with our partner Heuro Labs (an AI start-up) and Blue Factory, the incubator run by ESCP Europe (the world’s oldest business school), the Entrepreneurship Festival began with an artificial intelligence hackathon. e&Co. was the official sponsor of this event.

In the course of the 24-hour codefest, the 25 participants from the areas of business, tech, and design worked to develop solutions for sectors such as transport, health, and big data. Divided into five teams, they went on to present the results of their work to a four-person expert jury consisting of: Dr. Engelbert Wimmer, our CEO; Tracy Prentiss, startupbootcamp mentor, Ralph Arnold, an investor in the digital health sector and mentor at hub:raum / startupbootcamp; and Tanja Kufner, a smart transportation and energy expert and startupbootcamp mentor.

First place went to a three-person team of engineering students who developed a concept for a transport solution called imood. Read more in the full-length press release here.

“This hackathon on the theme of artificial intelligence was a memorable experience for all involved, not only for the participants, but also for the expert jury. Trying to develop masterfully orchestrated AI solutions to complex problems, and then derive real-world product ideas from them, in just two days was a challenge of Herculean proportions – and a challenge to which the winners rose superbly. It is a very great pleasure for us to be able to support this kind of rare talent. (Dr. Engelbert Wimmer)

(Image: Thanks to Éva Le Saux, master’s student at ESCP Europe, for this very creative visual response to the event.)

Saarburg / Berlin 01.11.2016

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