e&Co. keeps up the pace in South Korea: event for start-ups and investors at Jeonju University.

When it comes to innovation, the Asian tiger has claws. As part of a tour of South Korea, e&Co. sponsored an event for start-ups and investors held at the research and development centre of Jeonju University, one of South Korea’s top universities (and nicknamed “the place for superstars”). During the conference, e&Co.’s Geza Brugger gave a talk on the start-up ecosystem in Germany, current trends in the venture capital market, and our diverse range of activities in entrepreneurship; he was followed by two more venture capitalists in our international network of partners, who looked at the market in Singapore and Vietnam, before the stage was taken by a pitch event featuring select South Korean start-ups.

The Jeonbuk R&D hub has a long tradition of scouting promising young tech firms with the potential to expand into other markets. Jeonbuk’s aim is to take a leading role in whole-ecosystem investment; as such, organisations such as SBI Holdings, Japan’s largest investment company, were also invited to the event.

“In working with my colleague Minho Park, Managing Director of e&Co. Ltd. Korea, to organise this very special event, I had the opportunity get detailed insights into South Korean start-up culture – and was fascinated by what I saw. There was a range of interesting discussions and, once again, e&Co. was able to shine in its role as a connector between Asia and Europe. I am looking forward to continuing this exchange – and possibly working with some of the people we met. (Geza Brugger)

South Korea 08.11.2016

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