e&Co. in fireside chat with accelerator legend David Cohen (Techstars).

On 10th August, e&Co’s Kai Kuljurgis was in Berlin for a fireside chat with David Cohen at the Factory, one of the city’s hottest curated co-working spaces bringing together creatives from start-ups, cooperates, and other interest groups. David Cohen is the founder and managing partner of Techstars, one of the world’s most successful eco-systems supporting high-achieving young start-ups, based around a strongly mentor-driven acceleration programme composed of a range of verticals (internet of things, Automotive, Medical, etc.).

The way we see it, this continuously expanding network is a building block for progress, offering a fertile breeding ground for tomorrow’s businesses in which mentors from various areas – mostly entrepreneurs with strong track records themselves – volunteer support and advice. “The key to success in building up our own network is a change in mind-set from ownership to contribution, with a participative approach for all concerned representing a central plank: that means interacting and integrating horizontally and vertically with (former) competitors and adversaries; it also requires a transparent and open approach. Many companies looking for access to start-ups need to move away from their restrictive default setting or face failure. That is why we as a company are engaging actively as mentors and trying to support young entrepreneurs with our experience and knowledge of industry,” explains Kai Kuljurgis.

In conversation with David Cohen, our ideas were given weighty confirmation. As such, this message is at the core of what we aim to pass on to our clients in terms of digitisation: sharing is caring, and enabling access which will create value for all is an objective which can only be achieved by taking an approach based on partnership. (Photo credits: Factory Berlin / Ben Fuchs)

Saarburg / Berlin 11.08.2016

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