e&Co. hosts start-up pitch event for investors in South Korea.

Together with Innopolis, a charitable organisation bringing together institutions from the worlds of business and science, the Seoul-based subsidiary of e&Co. AG, e&Co. Ltd, helped to stage this year’s Start-up Pitch Days in South Korea. On 25th and 26th October, visionary teams and young entrepreneurs in the capital Seoul and the Jeonuk region had the opportunity to present their ideas and business plans to the event’s audience. As well as a range of local start-ups, the event was also attended by investors, government representatives, and venture capital companies from countries as diverse as Austria, Malaysia, Singapore, and China (e.g. Venionaire Capital, POSCO Technology Investment, Yuanta Investment, K&T Investment Partners und JX Partners). Geza Brugger, co-founder and head of investments and venture capital at e&Co. AG in Germany, delivered a key-note speech in which he took the assembled attendees on a journey through the European start-up and venture capital scene, offering exciting insights into the German tech eco-system, investments, and market trends, as well as entry strategies. Following his speech, he was then joined by Min Ho Park, managing director of the e&Co. South Korean subsidiary, to evaluate the ideas of entrepreneurs taking part in the start-up speed-pitching event (15 minutes per pitch), offering valuable feedback on capital requirements, business potential, and international scaling prospects.

>>> Here you can watch the event aftermovie.

“Both of the events in South Korea were a resounding success – even better than last year’s excellent events. I had the opportunity to talk to a lot of people intensively and in detail about some highly promising teams and got to know a range of exciting companies in automotive, e-commerce, and fin-tech. From an investment point of view, we encountered several interesting opportunities both with start-up companies and with visionary entrepreneurs from South Korea as well as with the other European and Asian venture capital companies participating. We are currently forcing the development of our investment arm and are planning to then continue our growth in a sustainable way in our European home markets – but also with a increased focus on ASEAN.” (Geza Brugger)

South Korea 01.11.2017

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