Digital value economy - the future of mobility and recommendations for industry players.

Regardless of the area in which we are consulting, we always strive to work at the forefront of developments, especially on topics which are currently of the utmost importance such as new mobility concepts or digitisation, and the related new business models. In addition to the range of client projects we are working on in this area, we have been pooling our insights, ideas, and visions in a new, extensive research initiative: we are now grouping the resulting concepts, theories, and recommendations under the name Digital Value Economy. As a player in the mobility world, we are sure that the results will be of great interest to you.

In our research project, scheduled for early 2016, we will be examining this historic change in the mobility industry and offering recommendations on what to do and how to shape the future. Excited? You’ve every right to be. Take a sneak-peek at our work here.

Saarburg 08.10.2015

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