Corporate social responsibility: e&Co. supports the award-winning educational platform Kiron.

As part of a corporate social responsibility initiative focussing on education, e&Co. is supporting the innovative educational platform Kiron. Specialised in providing refugees with speedy, low-barrier access to higher education, this Berlin start-up has already garnered the Special Category German Start-up Prize (Deutschen Gründerpreis), an award made by expert jury decision. e&Co. will be financing five grants worth €3,000 each and offering personal mentoring to each student given this support.

“2015 was a year which showed like no other in just how privileged an environment we live our lives and how much freedom we enjoy – not just freedom of speech and expression, but the freedom to educate ourselves and to take business decisions as we see fit. These are foundations on which Germany has built its prosperity. As such, we see our social responsibility in helping disadvantaged people to gain these freedoms. Of course we can’t help everyone, but Kiron is an ideal partner in our efforts to support at least a few people: as a digital start up with a genuinely sustainable idea, it has shown that the world can be changed – and chimes in with our company motto of ‘enabling value’.” Hanns Peter Becker, CFO of e&Co. AG

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Saarburg / Berlin 21.07.2016

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