Cloud Transformation: Expert Interview with Tim Ehrich in the Conplore Magazine.

"The key to successful cloud transformation lies in the internal change process of companies." Cloud services make IT infrastructure a commodity. This has already led to far-reaching changes in the IT sector in recent years. This trend continues to spread and will significantly change the landscape of IT providers, especially IT outsourcing, in the near future. The traditional outsourcing of IT infrastructure is increasingly losing competitiveness compared to public cloud providers, as the economies of scale of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud in recent years have led to a significant price slide for pure server and storage components. In addition, the range of services offered continues to grow. According to Crisp Research, more than 80% of medium-sized and large companies in Germany will not be able to do without cloud services as a central component of their infrastructure in the future. However, this will not work without a fundamental internal transformation. Learn more in the Conplore Magazine interview with our cloud expert Tim Ehrich.

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Berlin 19.04.2018

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