Review: Dr. Wimmer on the AUTOMOTIVE INNOVATION DAY in Seoul.

The AUTOMOTIVE INNOVATION DAY 2015 in Seoul (Korea) brought together the major players in the automotive industry: the event is considered one of the most relevant think tanks in Asia, with over 70 well-known companies from the automotive industry. In addition to various key notes, workshops and seminars, a vivid exchange between the automotive experts took place – under the tagline of this event: "efficiency, security, connectivity and driving experience."

In his keynote "Connected Cars 2020”, Dr. Engelbert Wimmer (CEO) presented his theories regarding the current approaches of the largest automobile manufacturers to establish a profitable business model, that covers the very high cost of connectivity. In his speech, Dr. Wimmer also worked out the big differences between the regions worldwide: on the one hand there are the diverging consumer behaviors and the high expectations of customers; secondly the technical and regulatory standards – as well as the major activity of new competitors from the non-automotive sector, which play an increasingly important role.

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