Artificial intelligence hackathon: e&Co. works with strategic partner Heuro Labs as event sponsor.

Artificial intelligence meets natural intelligence: The world’s oldest business school, ESCP Europe has always been one of the premier producers of management talent and forward thinking. Working with our partner Heuro Labs (a tech start-up for artificial intelligence), the ESCP Chair for Entrepreneurship & Innovation and the ESCP Europe incubator Blue Factory will be holding the first AI hackathon. From 14th to 19th October 2016, the aim of the codefest is to find solutions to the most important IT challenges facing sectors such as transport and health and to tackle issues such as data sovereignty and monetarisation. To this end, talent from IT, design, and business will be brainstorming and code-sprinting their way through three Hackathon days in order to develop innovative prototypes in the area. On 19th October, the event will close with the Entrepreneurship Festival where participants will pitch their ideas to an expert jury. e&Co. AG is the official sponsor of the event and Dr. Engelbert Wimmer (Chairman of the e&Co. Board) will also be a member of the expert jury.

"We have been working intensely on AI for quite some time now,” says Dr. Wimmer, “as self-teaching and predictive software is without doubt the goal we are all working towards, above all in the transport sector, with concepts such as automatic driving, virtual butler, etc. That is why we are currently expanding our service portfolio to include AI and are working with our partner in this area, Heuro Labs, to develop new concepts, services, and products for the automotive industry. Our first joint initiative is the AI hackathon at ESCP Europe – a fantastic opportunity for us to support young entrepreneurs and their exciting innovations.”

Saarburg / Berlin 12.10.2016