Shaping Heroes

Dog-eat-dog? Up or out? Sink or swim? If you’re interested in another way of working, join us! Why? Because we are looking for outstanding personalities to take part in our odyssey – for Entrepreneurs & Consultants with whom we can work to shape tomorrow’s mobility world. All you need is the will to change the world and to work with our team to keep building on our successes. We are the place for you to call home if you are someone who likes having a real effect.

We combine consultancy and entrepreneurship. As Consultants, we work with OEMS, automotive suppliers, and mobility providers to design products and services.

Project environmentProject environment
ADAS | Electrics & electronics | Software
Web & configurator strategy | Data & personalisation
Cloud & infrastructure strategy
Shared mobility | Parking and charging | Software
Finance | Dealerships (on & offline) | Customer service and roadside assistance

As Entrepreneurs, our role is to invest, advise, and network start-ups in the mobility space – some of whom might be our own e&Co. founders.


Our work on our own company is never finished, either. Based on the Holacracy concept, our organisational model offers us the greatest possible interaction and low-hierarchical cooperation. In decentral, self-steering teams, we work to our company credo of taking responsibility for – and changing – things.

Our organisation

Startups @ e&Co. AG
Leadership | Governance Venturing
Strategy Circle @ e&Co. AG
Leadership | Governance Consulting
Tactical Circles @ e&Co. AG

Generally, you will start with us your career in consulting. During your application, we will work to set the right entry level position for you in respect of your qualifications, your experience to date, and – just as importantly – your personality.

Rank Grid
Development paths
Junior Consultant @ e&Co. AG
Senior Consultant
Managing Consultant @ e&Co. AG
Providing project support (client & internal) | Carrying
out research and analysis | Compiling and presenting
complete work packages start-to-finish
Analysing basic precepts and providing documentation | Presenting
your own ideas and team results to clients | Taking proactive lead
in driving forward internal initiatives
Leading project areas | Identifying potential for optimisation
(client and internal) | Generating client relationships based
on results of your own work
Leading projects | Acting as a sparring partner for business
ideas and personal development | Delivering high-quality
work and identifying client options for action on this basis
Leading multiple projects | Generating insights and creating
service packages | Developing and supporting a strong
network (client & internal)
Managing business divisions | Strategic company
development | Providing genuine thought leadership

At e&Co., a range of professional development perspectives are open to you – because your growth is our growth! As a consultant, you will be learning new things on client projects from Day One; inside our company, Marketing, HR, and IT roles will make you an e&Co. Company Builder.


Long term, we offer you opportunities to let your inner founder out of the proverbial garage: show us what you can do! If it makes business sense, we’ll support it. Why not take on an interim management role at one of the start-ups in our ecosystem? We have our own venture fund, too, and even launch our own start-ups. Our formula?


Your ambition + Entrepreneurial opportunity = SUCCESS

of our staff – and offer a lot, too. With our open, informal company culture, the respect, enthusiasm, and team spirit we share is tangible: regular team meetings and group international trips strengthen our bonds and help us clear our mind for new ideas and concepts. Remuneration at e&Co. is above average, with a base salary and variable pay component. We offer permanent employment contracts as the foundation of a successful working relationship, as well as a range of additional benefits such as company cars, a pension plan, and a range of saving schemes. And – of course – there is complimentary coffee, fruit, and snacks.

What is more, our shareholder model represents an opportunity for outstanding employees to become co-entrepreneurs who benefit directly from our joint success at e&Co.


The most important thing, however, is that your personal and professional development are a core focus of what we do. That is why we offer a structured training program to improve and expand both your hard and your soft skills. And if you want go further, then our tailored working time and sabbatical models offer you the opportunity you need to pursue qualifications, take a degree as a mature student, or to complete a doctorate.


But where do friends, family, and hobbies fit into the mix? We think that there should be plenty of time for them, too, which is one reason why working from home is an important part of life for everyone at Entrepreneurs & Consultants.

outstanding students, recent graduates, and (young) professionals who have the potential to become passionate  Entrepreneurs & Consultants –  wherever you are in Germany and regardless what time of year. As well as a degree in a relevant subject, you will have (preliminary) experience in management consulting, Automotive / Mobility, or the start-up scene. What is more, you love – really love – travel. After all, most weeks, you’ll spend four days somewhere in Germany or perhaps further afield. Wherever you are, you keep in touch with your clients and aren’t afraid to query and probe their assumptions. Why? Well, consultants who don’t ask awkward questions aren’t real consultants.

StudentsRecent graduates(Young) Professionals

So what we are looking for are proactive, confident people who can work autonomously for extended periods to the highest levels of professionalism – both internally and when dealing with clients. You’ve got to be smart and hands-on – the type of person who doesn’t wait for someone else before you roll up your sleeves, who takes on responsibility, and who thinks and acts like an entrepreneur. Most importantly, you need a palpable urge to push things forward that drives you and those around you.

Your path to usYour path to us


You send us your PDF application with an optional 30-second video.


We view your application, generally within 1-2 weeks.


We get to know you and learn about your motivation, gauging your cultural fit to our organisation (approx. 45 mins).


We talk to you about your qualifications (approx. 45 mins).


This is your chance to show us what you can do as you work on a case study and talk to us in person. Use this opportunity to get to know us (approx. 3-4 hours.


You will receive open feedback and an offer to join in a timely manner. Welcome aboard!

that you have what it takes to become an Entrepreneur & Consultant! It couldn’t be easier: just send your application as a PDF to


If you prefer, you can send us a 30-second video as an optional alternative to a written letter of motivation. What drives you? What interests you about us? Why do you want to become an Entrepreneur & Consultant? Tell us!

Questions about your career options at e&Co.? Our HR team is here to help!


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