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IT Sourcing Consultancy: we are change management professionals and specialists in the field of it sourcing, yet retaining an overview of your organisation as a whole. Our goals are results-orientated supplier management and optimised service buy-ins, suited specifically to your company strategy.


Digital transformation can only succeed with change management professionals who are specialists in their field – and yet retain an overview of organisations as a whole. As your sourcing advisory partner, we combine a strong focus on IT services with specialist knowledge of the digitization as driver of significant market changes. Our goals are result-orientated supplier management and optimised service buy-ins suited specifically to your company strategy. Work with us to create a customised, sustainable sourcing solution tailored to your business needs: nothing less than best-fit sourcing will do.


IT Sourcing Beratung

Analysing and benchmarking the IT landscape and organisation


Insourcing, outsourcing, cloud sourcing, next-generation sourcing, shared service centre


Tender, contract, and transition management


Audit and mediation in critical situations, claims management

Sourcing Value Scan: Sourcing strategy checks and reviews | IT organisation audit | Benchmarking current costs and quality of service | Contract reviews

Sourcing Strategy: Make-or-buy decisions | Shared service centre strategy/concept/set-up | Preparing next generation outsourcing | Strategies for onshoring/offshoring/near-shoring | Cloud sourcing | Sourcing readiness assessment (capacity to tender), cloud readiness checks, sourcing governance assessment)

Sourcing Operations: Request for information/quotation/proposal (RFI/RFQ/RFP) | Defining service packages | Tender and bidder management | Contract management | Contract negotiations | Transition project management | Change management | Analysing, designing and implementing service management processes (ITIL)

Sourcing Intervention: Project audits | Contractual relations audits | Moderation and mediation in deadlocked disputes with contractors/suppliers | Claims management

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Tim Ehrich - Managing Consultant
Tim Ehrich
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Dr. Constantin Montana - Consultant
Sebastian Hagen
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  • Case study 1 | Benchmarking, tendering, and supervising transition

  • Client: German multi-brand OEM

    • The challenge
      • The in-house dealer management system used by the sales department of a globally-active OEM is creating high costs for an average quality of service.
      • In view of the increasing digitisation of retail sales and service processes, the number of applications and the amount of integration required are rising steeply.
      • The growth in requirements placed on hosting by this shift and the simultaneous pressure on costs mean that the operating model needs a new direction.
    • Our Solution
      • Benchmarking hosting to highlight potential savings of 50%
      • Carrying out a consistent and focussed tendering process (RFI, RFQ, RFP)
      • Producing the contract contents for a managed service framework
      • Moderating the detailed contractual negotiations
      • Evaluating all offers and giving a recommendation for contract award
      • Overseeing transition project governance to ensure that financial goals are reached
      • Result: Shortening time-to-market for new applications by 6 months and eight-figure savings (55% as against current operations)
  • Case study 2 | Benchmarking storage solution bids

  • Client: German automotive group

    • The challenge
      • The client is planning to procure a range of storage systems.
      • Various providers have presented bids offering comparable solutions at very different prices.
      • The client's current supplier has put in by far the highest bid; the departments concerned prefer this more expensive bid from the established supplier.
      • Enabling price competition, mainly by replacing the preferred supplier in order.
    • Our Solution
      • The key to the task was to dissolve the lock-in during negotiations and, in so doing, enable price competition
      • Detailed technical examination of the offers and comparison of the advantages and drawbacks of each technical solution
      • Facilitating internal workshops with the aim of producing an alternative scenario to a continuation of the established supplier relationship
      • Supplier negotiations and application of alternative scenario
      • Savings achieved: 25% against established supplier bid
  • Case study 3 | Costs reduction project for running a CRM system

  • Client: US HQ of a German multi-brand OEM

    • The challenge
      • Costs pressures in the target market require costs-optimised approach.
      • Divergent technical requirements are in opposition to a slim-line, efficient solution.
      • Conflicting interests in the IT department and other areas lead to low costs transparency and dead-end discussions.
      • Costs transparency using IT benchmarking systems and sustainable savings.
    • Our Solution
      • Creating costs transparency by setting up a TCO (total cost of ownership) model.
      • Validating all costs and comparing them to external reference groups from an IT benchmarking database.
      • Identifying and agreeing on potential for costs-reduction optimisation.
      • e&Co. value-add: use of an IT benchmarking database to identify costs drivers and reduce them in the long term.
      • Result: operating costs of €8m reduced by 20% over 4 years.
  • Case study 4 | Hosting concept and make or buy analysis for a global CRM solution

  • Client: Big-name German industrial

    • The challenge
      • A global CRM solution run through the OEM's own bank is generating high costs as a result of assuring statutory compliance with German financial authority regulations
      • Significant gaps in finance due to several delayed roll-outs (low scalability)
      • Legal requirements in some target markets in respect of local data storage make central hosting increasingly difficult
      • Low quality of service due to a lack of SLAs
      • Low flexibility in the pricing model
    • Our Solution
      • Creating costs transparency by setting up a TCO model
      • Producing a legally compliant hosting concept
      • Evaluating and comparing internal hosting options within the Group
      • Carrying out an RFQ to evaluate external suppliers
      • e&Co. value add: defining an external peer group against which to test RFQ indications using an IT benchmark
      • Result: Recommendation to buy in a flexible, scalable solution leading to potential savings of 45% (approx. €6m) by 2020. Identifying further potential (e.g. license costs)
  • Case study 5 | Market-readiness and risk management analysis of internal service specifications

  • Client: German financial services company

    • The challenge
      • Service specifications provided by a financial services company are incomplete and do not conform to the quality requirements placed on the key items to be outsourced (MaRisk).
      • The risk analysis department of a company post-acquisition evaluates the contract drafts, scopes and specifications, and definitions of remits as insufficient.
      • The post-takeover company broadly rejects the terms of the planned service outsourcing.
      • Merger integration timescales are rendered obsolete.
    • Our Solution
      • Independent analysis of internal service briefs.
      • Comparison in terms of content and quality of the existing service agreements to the service briefs offered externally.
      • Showing a way forward which orientates the quality and content of the service definitions offered towards competitive market standards and the requirements of the company acquired.
      • Documenting an integrated contract and service framework for future service offers and post-merger situations.


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