They’re more than just job titles:
they’re how we live our lives.


That’s how we think, how we work, and how we act.

As an owner-run entrepreneurial office, from Berlin we manage a broad portfolio comprising stakes in various companies and material assets. We also support clients in the manufacturing industry with our business consultancy services.

Talk to us if you need more than just a sounding board: we are sparring partners with experience, authenticity, and punch – with the curiosity and dedication to think big.

Industry and manufacturing is the sector we call home – and the sector we aim to shape and change.

Excellence and dedication


what we do

When a complex organizational transformation is at hand – when sales structures and processes need a shot in the arm, for instance, or the latest and best talents need to be integrated – or when it’s about how to deploy tools and technology to achieve a specific goal: that’s when we can add the most value for our customers.

Our consultancy e&Co. Projects GmbH combines state-of-the-art concepts for today’s organization with data-driven decision-making processes, classic optimization approaches, and agile product development, adding radical experimentation and maximum traction as required. We view organizations in holistic terms, allowing us to mix agile methodologies with tried-and-tested tools from traditional project management – and all without neglecting the human factor. Unafraid to broach taboo topics in the companies we help, we deliver true operational excellence.

Thanks to our thought-provoking hypotheses and range of forward-thinking publications, we have become a recognized partner for companies, researchers, and broader societal actors looking to understand industry.

Besides our classic consultancy activities, the e&Co. Group applies its entrepreneurial approach to its own self-managed portfolio of private equity engagements (small, mid, and large cap), property holdings, and start-up investments.

Driving the change


our service portfolio

Together, we can be even more successful. That’s why, for years now, we have been working with selected partners from our network who offer competency leadership in a range of disciplines.

When it comes to helping our clients improve sales performance, for example, we work with the Rainhackers agency.

In the quest for the best talents and strongest HR services, we turn to skill-fisher in Berlin.

There are few future-looking automotive software projects in which we don’t involve FDTech from Germany’s high-tech ‘Silicon Saxony’ region.

Lots of Germany’s established Mittelstand companies are looking for the next generation of business leaders, and Sozius Mittelstand Invest is increasingly the place to find them. We work together to invest in promising small-to-medium-sized companies, offering entrepreneurial advisory to scale holdings.

Our Austrian partner agency Ahoi Kapptn! creates mobile apps and web experiences with real “Wow!” factor.

Personality and commitment


who we are

e&Co. AG is run by the people who founded and own it. These four entrepreneurs and their outstanding team have been working together for over 15 years now.

Geza Brugger Geza Brugger Geza Brugger



Dr. Engelbert Wimmer Dr. Engelbert Wimmer Dr. Engelbert Wimmer


CEO | Vorstand

Hanns Peter Becker Hanns Peter Becker Hanns Peter Becker



Ben Wiechmann Ben Wiechmann Ben Wiechmann



We’re more than just a company. We’re like family, supporting, helping, and inspiring each other.