We are looking for exceptional personalities who master challenges with passion and entrepreneurial skill. e&Co. wants smart, hands-on people who lead by example, are not afraid to stand their ground, and will keep us thinking into the future. Are you somebody who thinks ahead – and thinks differently? Are you ready to take on responsibility and change things? If so, whatever your field, your next career move could be e&Co.

„At e&Co., we are always on the cutting edge, helping to shape the future with our entrepreneurial spirit, our professionalism, and our human touch.“


My first encounter with e&Co. was unforgettable. I was doing a master’s degree and Engelbert Wimmer (CEO of e&Co. AG) delivered a guest lecture about the future of mobility. By the end of it, I knew that I wanted to work at that management consultancy company! So I applied and was made a job offer before the end of my last semester at the HSCB Peking University. The timing was just right: I had started my career with a dual work-and-study degree at a logistics service provider and was then finishing a master’s in management in Germany and China; I had professional experience in logistics, business development, and consulting – and I was looking for a new challenge. What was important to me was entrepreneurial thinking, responsibility, diversity, flexibility, and the right team. e&Co was able to offer me all of this in one company.

From the moment I started, I’ve been working directly and independently with clients to help them identify robust, sustainable business solutions for digitisation and mobility. Above all, it’s the range and relevance of the topics with which I come into contact on a daily basis that I find exciting; it’s an extremely inspiring and motivating environment. The fact that all of this comes combined with the opportunity to take an active role in developing and shaping our business is what makes e&Co. such an attractive place to work.


„e&Co. is entrepreneurial drive, a cool team, exciting projects, professional consulting = lots of fun!“


My first contact with e&Co. was a phone call with e (CEO): cold September day, drizzle, I was standing in front of a restaurant. Everything sounded urgent, important and big - in the restaurant my pasta was waiting for me and getting cold. When I went to the e&Co. website afterwards and read something about "Thought Leadership", I thought: well, this fits perfectly into the typical consultant's blabla ...

Today, more than two years later, I have to admit: Everything said back then is true - and even better than expected. e&Co. has an entrepreneurial drive that I have rarely experienced in my career so far. I also value my colleagues very much, as well as the projects and positioning of e&Co. All this gives us as a team the framework to offer our customers a high-quality consulting service - and in the end it's really fun.



„For me, e&Co. is the perfect mix of consulting, entrepreneurship and mobility industry. Coupled with a unique culture, I find everything I need here.“


With stations at the Big Four, a global financial group, various family businesses, a small marketing agency, a consulting boutique and my own start-up, I had already seen a little of the world before e&Co. After my master's degree with a focus on strategy and organization, the question arose for me: Which of my experiences should continue to play a central role for me in the future? One thing was clear: the team must fit! It should be varied and challenging. I want to develop myself further, take on responsibility and have a say. Quite a balancing act.

At e&Co. I work with outstanding personalities who challenge me and give me support. I enjoy a high degree of freedom and trust in customer projects. As a result, I have already been able to support global automobile manufacturers, start-ups and European mobility companies with my own ideas and great aspirations for implementation. The values I find here inspire me: "Results over Facetime" and "Stay and Grow" instead of "Up or Out". And finally, it is our common vision to take our company one step further every day, which brings out the entrepreneur in each of us. All of this keeps me flexible - for the balancing act.


„I experience e&Co. as an extraordinary team of authentic characters who look at every new day as a chance to add to their track record of success.”


After several jobs working in big companies, I started to want smaller, more agile structures – and from day one, e&Co. gave me the opportunity to be a part of a dynamic organisation. It doesn’t take long to get a decision, the projects and customer environment are demanding, and the people I work with are a source of motivation and enthusiasm: this was the kind of eye-to-eye, entrepreneurial way of working I had been looking for, and I found it at e&Co.

As a Principal, I tend to have responsibility for a range of projects in sales and restructuring. I steer small, flexible teams on their paths through new challenges with clients, and this high degree of responsibility is matched by a consistently steep learning curve. As part of my position, I’ve been charged with building up new business, too, far earlier than in other consultancies I’ve worked for.

I’m having a lot of fun and am very motivated by the e&Co. environment, in which every day is a new opportunity to show what I can do – and show our customers what we as a company can do. As both an employee of and a stakeholder in the company, I feel valued for my work and have no trouble motivating myself and keeping up the pace!


„What e&Co gives me is freedom to develop in accordance with my professional interests.“


It was early in my career, during my in-work BA and MA degrees (I hold a masters in IT management) that I gained experience of large-scale outsourcing programmes from within international service provider organisations. After a few years in the UK, taking on and leading my first projects for clients in the automotive and energy sectors, I was looking for a new challenge in which I would be able to continue working across disciplines and in an international environment.

It didn’t take me long to decide on e&Co., because the company gives me the freedom to develop professionally in projects which I can take control of; e&Co. uses my academic background and experience abroad as a strong basis from which to make fast progress. The exciting range of clients means that our IT management and sourcing projects are in cutting-edge areas and never fail to spark my interest in the development of digital business models.


„I left my first client meeting on my second day of work with a whole part-project under my remit.“


There were only five weeks between my getting a job offer and actually starting at e&Co. – and I was already in close contact with two of my future colleagues and my line manager, even taking part in a team meeting. That made a lasting impression on me and meant that, rather than being thrown in at the deep end, I felt like I was being welcomed.

This kind of preparation made me able to contribute to project work as a full member of the team right from the start. Working with a senior consultant and a partner, I took on and completed my first project at an international automotive manufacturer; I was soon going to meetings independently and discussing outcomes with the team or directly with the client.

It was this close exchange which allowed me to make the most of my colleagues’ years of experience and to orientate some of the many options for planning development at e&Co. to take account of my needs.


„I want to work in a company that challenges me in terms of content, in which I can develop personally, and which can be shaped through participation. At e&Co. this is all part of the corporate culture..“


It's summer in Berlin and I'm just leaving the exam room of my university. I finally made it and defended my master's thesis, which had accompanied me for far too long in addition to my everyday work. One stage of my life is coming to an end. What's next? It should be an important step. I get on my bike and let my thoughts run free. One thing is clear: I love cars - not only on a private level. I have dealt with the effects of digitalization on the automotive industry at work and during my studies - and I want to continue to shape this change. I longingly think about how much I like living in Hamburg - and how hard it would be for me to say goodbye to the city. A problem for which I won't find a solution ad hoc.

My mobile phone rings, it's the recruiting boutique skill-fisher. The management consultancy e&Co. AG is looking for a consultant - for the digital transformation in the automotive and mobility industry. No move would be necessary, I would be able to travel flexibly to the project assignments. Perfect! After more than six months at e&Co. I live in Hamburg and work at various locations of a large German OEM. For me it feels like exactly the step I thought I couldn't find a starting point for last summer.


Enabling future. We take your career seriously! At e&Co., you’ll learn not just to make targeted use of your interdisciplinary knowledge and curiosity about industry, but above all to consistently build on your strengths and develop new competences. The team environment is open, direct, and egalitarian, predicated on a culture of mutual respect and trust, a shared enthusiasm for what we do, and truly high standards. Whether you are a junior or a partner, you can be sure that your point of view will be heard.

Of course, we also offer you attractive remuneration with a healthy mix of fixed and variable components at an above-average market level as well as numerous additional benefits on top (e.g. company car, company pension scheme, capital-forming benefits, team trips abroad, etc.). Another peculiarity that differentiates us greatly: Outstanding employees of all ranks, who stand out for their commitment and performance, can become shareholders of our company and participate in our joint success.

It is our conviction that only people who have the possibility to pursue their personal development outside of their work can go onto produce excellent professional results, and that is why we offer tailored work schedules and sabbaticals, as well as opportunities to study for in-work degrees or part-time doctorates if your chosen topic complements what we do. Find out more about us - and get to know us personally.

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Sometimes in life, things just fit together – and we’d like to find out whether you and e&Co. fit together too. To do so, we give you the chance to get to know us, and for us get to know you: if it looks like you’re right for the job, you can expect a more rapid and flexible response than from any other consultancy. We’re looking forward to your application!



    We’re looking for talent, whatever the date and time. Convince us that you have it by sending in a full online application and you’ll hear from us within a week at most to tell you if we’re interested.



    Use your telephone interview or face-to-face meeting to impress us. As well as gaining a first impression, we will want to find out what your goals are and how you think you can add value to e&Co.



    We will confront you with a realistic simulation of the challenges of everyday consultancy. This is your chance to prove to us how you would develop and present solutions for complex situations. You’ll find out whether we would like to make you an offer the day after.


Show us what you can do! Jan-Henrik Thomas is looking forward to receiving your application and is the person contact for all preceding enquiries.



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