Combining business acumen
with business consultancy.

We are a 50-strong team of heroes on an odyssey, driven by the belief that we need to do what we do with true conviction. Our company is more than just a consultancy: it’s a place for hands-on people to call home. Because, deep down, we’re with Steve Jobs here: “Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?” It’s not about being a little cog in a big wheel: it’s about being at the wheel. And that is where you will find us – in the driver’s seat on our way to more lasting value for everyone in the mobility ecosystem. Since 2015.


is our passion, with a heritage in the Automotive industry. We are transformers, working in diverse international projects, and making the digital transformation succeed. Software in the Car, IIOT, AI, autonomous driving, sometimes at the interface between OEM and suppliers. We love exploring the boundaries between the known and the unknown. We want to shape the transition of the industry with a focus on sustainability and help it reduce its environmental footprint.

Our passion is rooted in identification and bonding with our colleagues, giving us a deep professional fulfillment. We are avid and speedy sailors masterly navigating the seas of our business and tying knots to flexible networks for the benefit of our clients and ourselves. We want to shape our company by experimenting and exploring the new - and keep on growing a diverse crew on our vessel.

René Clotten
Alexandra Maria Rattay
Jan-Philip Jost

for our positioning to sustain and
grow our clients’ and our business.

for our purpose to create tangible and
noticeable results for our clients.

for our positioning to be attractive and exciting.

for our positioning to be
as powerful as possible.

if they serve our positioning better
and still play to our skills.

for our positioning, the power of
argument and debate is decisive.

for our positioning to arrive and stay
in the hearts of our audience.

for our positioning to be
adventurous and eventful.

for our positioning to have an impact
and make the world a better place.

for our positioning to help improve the
situation of other members of our society.

for our purpose to be challenging
and rewarding for performers.

for our purpose to effectively support
our business purpose

for our purpose to be fast in
growing skills and experience.

for our purpose to
be able to renew itself.

for our purpose to transform
leaders into masters.

for our purpose to stand
firm on ethical grounds.

for our purpose to be emotionally
attractive for us as human beings.

for our purpose to create
empowered teams.

for our purpose to prevent bias in
viewpoints and approaches.

for our leadership model to balance work
requirements with personal needs.