Max, on the right, is a passionate recreational pilot. When there were problems with the railroad on the way to an important customer meeting, he flew there without further ado together with Hanns, our CFO. Mobility at its best and maximum flexibility – we live it through and through.
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We led the post merger integration of an OEM's subsidiary
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In his leisure time, Lars conquers the world’s most difficult peaks – just as he does in his professional environment, where he pushes the summit of digitization, conceptually and of course very hands-on. Almost like on his travels, only much harder. Pure dedication, lived with every fiber.

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Rainer started with us as a fantastically committed trainee, then wrote his master’s thesis at the same time, sprinted back to us after this joyful leap – and stayed, to our great delight. This time as the right and left organisation hand of our CEO Engelbert.
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